Tobacco Use Only

“Tobacco Use Only” signs make a mockery of pot laws

Practically every convenience store in Hoboken (including Nick’s Candy pictured below) sells “paraphernalia” for smoking what is (currently) an “illegal” substance in the State of New Jersey: POT.

Many of these stores have these hilarious stickers on the display cases – that on one hand “indemnify” the owners of the store by strictly indicating that those products are for “Tobacco Use Only.”

And on the other hand – they have a mocking image basically, saying “yeah, right!” (in this case it’s the infamous Dr. Evil putting things in “quotes” like we enjoy doing here at Hoboken411.)

tobacco use only signs Dr Evil hoboken nj

Everyone and their brother knows with certainty that these products are used to roll joints. Maybe 1% of the people use them for “roll your own” tobacco cigarettes. Why this “game” continues is just beyond me. Just legalize the crap already and be done with it.

Here’s a few other versions of the “Tobacco Use Only” signs that are in stores just like this:

for tobacco use only LOL

most interesting man in the world tobacco use only

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