Where is this? 3/21/2008


Haven’t done a Hoboken “Where is this?” photo quiz in a while (used to do it once every couple weeks!)

See if you can identify what and where these images are:

  1. Where is this emblem?
  2. Where is this sign?
    Funny thing about this is, they took the time to enclose the paper in a plastic sheet to “preserve” it from the elements, the least the could have done is write legibly!
  3. Where is this retro factory sign?
  4. Where is this “box?”
  5. Where is “Six Twelve?”

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Is #1 on the wall surrounding the football field?

Is #2 a sign associated with those really small “houses” on the cobblestone roads? I can’t remember the name of that “development”…


Mayburn Knitting Mills Night Entrance – 8th & Clinton/Grand (giant red warehouse building that houses Doggie Day Care). I used to live in a loft in one of those buildings…..ah, how I miss having a 12,000 sq. ft. loft apartment.

Before it was the Mayburn Knitting Mills company, that giant red building used to house the original Wonder Bread factor.

kooky kat

That green lantern thing – the condo building at 402 9th Street? On Columbus Park?