Random Easter pics in Hoboken


Half of Hoboken shuts down on Easter.

The beautiful thing about this holiday, is that there’s no repetitious commercials and blaring of obnoxious songs 24/7. And I think pastel Peanut M&M’s taste better, too.

Random Friday trivia & questions: Did you know I’ve taken about 100,000 pictures in the past two years? (less than 10% have made it to 411). How does one go about archiving and cataloging such pictures in an efficient way? How does the Associated Press manage “file photos?” I have a simple system by month/year, but as the catalog grows, I need a quick and easy way to find my photos… Something that also has some kind of geo-tagging as well… any suggestions?

Here’s a few random easter-related shots taken one day this week…

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I use iView Media Pro – it’s great for cateloging.