Hoboken Missed Connections – 3/24/2008


Monday bonus!

On top of the “shots in the dark” entries you’d typically see on Craigslist, we have a cool art exhibit based entirely off missed connections and old cheesy romance novels!


Again, here are a few from the last week (email embedded in each title):

It’s because you’re hot I need to hear from you
Indian Girl on the Path Train – m4w (Midtown)
I don’t know if you were Indian or Egyptian but you were with another girl who had a green scarf on and with 2 other guys. I was hispanic, green eyes and wearing a black North Face jacket and got off at Hoboken. I kept admiring your beauty and I know you caught me. I think you were amazingly beautiful and would like to hear from u

What if he wore a blue sweater?
Guy at the gym in green sweater with green eyes – w4m
you were ordering a shake. you had on a green sweater, white polo sneakers, and unbelievable green eyes. i think you got into a black xterra. can’t imagine you’d ever read this but if you do, i hope to see you again.

A couple months ago? Black book getting thin?
Met at Liberty Bar – a couple months ago.. – w4m – 25
We met there and shared a few laughs and convos over the course of a couple weeks..me working, and you on your way home from work..dreading the return to your apt..haha. I had gotten your info from a summer camp brochure you left for me, but had misplaced it. Trying to get in touch. Thought I’d give this a shot. What the heck…anythings possible, right?

Love Train

Anyway, a Hoboken resident wanted to share this art exhibit her friend created mashing up horrific romance novels with titles of Craigslist Missed Connections.. funny stuff.

A geek graffiti-inspired project, Love Train takes found items, virtual and literal, mashes them, and returns them to the public space.

Vintage romance novel book covers and text from Craigslist Missed Connections come together as a recontxtualizing of the classic romance lit genre.

In the form of stickers, these mash-ups are then reintroduced to the public by placement in a subway car, not incidentally the site of many of these “missed connections.”

Neither the cover art or the missed connection posts are edited in any way, beyond my initial selection of a) which post “goes” with which cover art and b) the length of the text from the post. These are the private words of the people, that vast army of lonely strangers hiding their intense longing behind iPods and laptops, publically proclaimed.

If you want, you can check her site out here:

But it’s essentially exactly what I just posted.

I’m having a missed connection myself. Not sure I find this regular piece too inspiring anymore. It’s kind of sad, really.

Unless something really funny pops up, I’m going to discontinue this feature for a while. Unless any guest writers want to help?

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I met a woman on the path 3 years ago and got VD.