Hoboken Eyesore

A Hoboken eyesore – who’s problem is it?

If you take a look at cars parked on the street in Hoboken – it’s like any other mid-to-upscale city (other than the non-stop robbery from the HPU). Almost every car is in working order, less than a decade old, and have no graffiti vandalism. Nothing like the Bronx back in the 70’s.

We get our occasional car on cinder blocks probably more than people would like here – but overall the parked car situation receives an A+.

Recently – a car got smashed near 4th & Park, and suffered some major damage in the trunk, including a shattered rear windshield (which is temporarily remedied by some makeshift cardboard to minimize water damage.)

Smashed car Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Eyesore

Ugly or not – car can stay

The car above has been “sitting there” for a week or so, and one resident complained to the city to have the unsightly car “removed,” as it has even remained during street cleaning days (and probably received a ticket for not moving).

The city responded – and said they couldn’t remove the car because it was an “eyesore,” and that the owner of the car had a parking permit.

HPU response to smashed Hoboken car - Hoboken Eyesore

A POS eyesore to one, is a major hassle for another…

Despite the criminal laws they have to generate revenue in the name of “Street cleaning,” (when the rain would probably suffice over fancy sweepers), this is one of those instances where I have to side with the city on their choice to leave the car there.

What the resident who initially complained may not have understood was that, even though the car was “ugly” and made this neighborhood look a little unsightly, it was still a real problem for the owner of that car. What if they didn’t have the money readily available to get it repaired? Or had to wait for an insurance inspector to take a look?

Not everyone has the money to instantly rectify what may amount to major financial impacts to their lives. So to add insult to injury for a victim of a car accident is a little short-sighted and selfish, wouldn’t you say?

It’s a dangerous path to go on to want everything to look the same, act the same, etc. A little trip to the history books will show you why.

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Who would go through the steps to contact the city for something that isn’t infringing on anyone? What next call the cops because someones shirt is out of style?