Columbus Park over the years

Columbus Park in Hoboken now the bare minimum

Columbus Park in Hoboken has been around for a long time (since the late 1800’s). And boy, has it gone through some changes.

In the early 1900’s – this quaint park actually had a nice pond in the middle. Where park-dwellers could enjoy the breeze, read a nice book, and reflect on life.

Columbus Park Hoboken NJ early 1900s - Columbus Park over the years

It likely became too difficult to maintain something like a pond. Most water-based structures have a limited life, and require frequent upkeep and rehabilitation. So they turned it into a courtyard at some point. Even as little as a few years ago, this courtyard was enveloped in plush shrubbery and landscaping, and offered some quiet escape from sirens and wailing kids.

Columbus park hoboken NJ thick foliage - Columbus Park over the years

But then they even removed the shrubbery last spring (to stop those pesky kids from selling dime bags of pot) – and now this area is essentially a barren space, void of any kind of serenity of days past. With all this talk of “green” this and “eco” that, you’d think that they’d want to preserve all the natural beauty they can. Hopefully one day it can be restored.

At this point, they might as well get rid of the depression in the middle too. Just fill with dirt, and lay some grass down. Why have all those steps and railing to maintain?

columbus park barren hoboken nj - Columbus Park over the years

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