Corzine angers condo owners

4/17/2008 Update:

From a reader:

“These delays continue, and apparently one family, who just had a new born, had to postpone the sale of their old home as a result of the situation. It cost them a good amount of money as a result of the delay.

Interestingly Maxwell Place had contacted them and several others affected by this a few days ago and everyone was told that not only will they have to wait at least another month or so for a move in date (touching mid August), but now there were potential “problems” with obtaining construction permits in Hoboken.

Very strange, since the only one doing any construction is Corzine and he is in pretty tight with Mayor Roberts as well as several others in city hall. The building inspector Al Arezzo is a state employee which makes matters interesting again considering the Governor is moving in and in charge of the state. It makes me wonder, is the construction story surrounding the permits legit or is this a retaliatory situation by Maxwell Place as a result of the story being broke?”


Money talks and BS walks!

Here’s what one resident says about the situation brewing at Maxwell Place with Jon Corzine and other “normal” paying owners:

Hoboken NJ Governor Jon Corzine Maxwell Place

“I thought I would bring up this subject since it has come to light this week and affects several people I know who intend or “intended” to move into the new Maxwell Place complex on 11th and Hudson. It seems perfectly clear the new prospective residents have hit a SERIOUS BRICK WALL or in this case “MONEY WALL” thanks to Governor Jon Corzine!

As it turns out, the prospective residents who were scheduled to move in over the next two weeks and who had purchased the units almost 2 years ago (long before Jon) have been informed that they are now NOT PERMITTED to move in until June or July. When Maxwell Place staff were questioned about the delays the response was either evasive with “I can say” or there was no answer with all that remained was dead silence. After several calls and some leaks at Maxwell Place it was determined that the ONLY REASON the prospective delays had occurred was because Gov. Corzine had recently purchased two units and wanted renovations done to his specs without considering the ramifications to and plans of other residents. A typical case of Money Talks and Bullsh-t Walks!

So my question here is, will the kind billionaire Governor make amends to all the residents who got delayed and screwed as a result of his selfish behavior and inconsideration in this case? And why won’t Maxwell Place just come clean and tell the truth about the delay and what amends if any is Maxwell Place going to make to help ease this relocation transition to all those affected?”

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Corzine probably has absolutely nothing to do with this, unlike the mess that’s going on with that scumf*ck Picardo.

Corzine does, however, have a silly haircut and is a horrible governor.


I dont think corzine has anything to do with this either.. If you have teams of guys working on 40 condos that are in one tower and you have one condo left that is keeping you from selling the others you would end up sticking a ton of guys in one unit and finishing it is no more then 5 days.

When you put more then a few people in there and you can finish a single condo really fast.

The guys that work for me could have finished off cornizes crib in maybe a month from rough inspection.


i have no sympathy. stop electing the same old people. elect the party that HASN’T screwed up the State and maybe you’ll get more attentive and thoughtful people in positions of power so that this schmuck is just another wall street millionaire instead of holding the most powerful governorship in the nation.


World’s smallest violin, let me play it for you.


The reason for the delayed openings in the south tower in the second building are due to conflicts of interest with the inspections, which are being done by the state instead of the local municipality. Corzine has nothing to do with this.