Flashback Hoboken: 96 months ago

Memories from 96 months ago – Flashback Hoboken

Here’s this week’s entry for the Flashback Hoboken time capsule category – and after perusing the Hoboken411 photo depository – found some more interesting tidbits to reflect upon.

St. Paddy’s used to be festive

The annual St. Patrick’s Parade in Hoboken used to be a vibrant citywide event. Take a look at how packed the streets were. Wall to wall people who are happy and festive!

Today, it’s just a somber demonstration of losers waiting on line like lab rats in some kind of psychotic experiment!


Hoboken Saint Patricks Day Crowds in better days

W Hotel – A big deal

The now sorta well-known W Hotel along the waterfront was barely under construction. It had gone through some rough patches with the “Chandelier Room” club attracting low-lives from Staten Island to snort coke and fight over worthless pigs. It’s calmed down a lot since, and seems to be “in tune” with the rest of the community now.

W Hotel Hoboken Under Construction

Helmers after the fire

Hoboken’s only German restaurant Helmers’ hadn’t yet opened after the fire pretty much devastated the whole building. Now, 8 years later – Helmers’ is gone anyway.

Helmers Hoboken after fire 2007

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Kyle J Kelly
Kyle J Kelly

It’s a shame about Helmers. It was a great spot.
Kyle J Kelly Hoboken