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Direct Laundry moves to 421 Washington

Launderer and Dry Cleaner Direct Laundry has moved their shop from 2nd & Adams to 421 Washington Street a bit more than a year after coming to Hoboken. This was the old United Decorating spot which closed after 100 years.

We spoke to the owner Tom (who didn’t mind that we ball-busted him a bit last year for his clever marketing tricks), and learned a bit about their operation.

Like most all other similar shops in town, all of the work is done off-premises. In his case, it is a massive laundromat he owns in Newark. So the quality control is all in one person’s hands, which is nice.

And he said that the pickups and deliveries make up a majority of Direct Laundry’s sales. (We also mentioned that in our previous update).

So if you’re looking for a new option for you laundry (and super important busy schedule) give them a call at 1-844-94-DIRECT or visit them online at (new app coming soon they say…)

direct laundry hoboken NJ - Direct Laundry

Description: Dry Cleaner with Wash and Fold services.
Address: 215 Adams Street 421 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (844)94-DIRECT
Online: directlaundry.comFacebook

Direct Laundry – Hoboken, NJ – 215 Adams Street

March 2015:

Taking the place of Tony Q’s Dry Cleaning at 215 Adams Street is Direct Laundry (another dry cleaner + wash and fold).

Direct Laundry Hoboken NJ Dry Cleaner - Direct Laundry

One more notch in the lazy belt!

Apparently – what makes Direct Laundry different than most of the other similar outfits in Hoboken is that they pickup and deliver. Which is probably great for many people in town because no one likes to put any effort into anything anymore. Fresh Direct for groceries. Seamless for takeout. Amazon for everything else.

I’m sure you might knee-jerk react and whine about your “busy” schedule, and how this service saves you time. It does not. It makes you lazy, and the time you’re “saving” is most likely being wasted doing stupid shit on fakebook. You probably also pay for a gym membership, when you could easily exert yourself doing basic errands. But you don’t want the truth, so let’s see what else “Direct Laundry” is up to.

Obnoxious signs pollute already decrepit landscape in Hoboken

Yep – Direct Laundry needed to “get the word out” that they offer this service for sloths, so they pulled a dirty trick.

All over town, signs are hammered to telephone poles – about 10 feet off the ground, making it a chore to remove. So while they may clean your items for a modest fee, they visually pollute the scenery in Hoboken at no charge! Isn’t there an ordinance against this kind of practice?

Regardless – they seem to have some big clients already in Hoboken: W Hotel, Stevens Institute and CKO Kickboxing. And it appears that their hours are pretty good too – open until 8pm. So I guess if their services are acceptable – the more the merrier.

direct laundry hoboken NJ old united decorating - Direct Laundry

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