Uphill Battle in Hoboken

Business ain’t easy in the Mile Square City

Unless you have a reality TV show in Hoboken, drawing patrons to your business takes a lot of hard work. And everything from botched snow plowing, insane road closures, and a completely anti-business local “government” can stifle your efforts right out of the gate.

But the hits keep coming (literally) in Hoboken, as area business over on Harrison Street downtown had to deal with another roadblock to cashflow earlier today. A minivan crashed into a telephone pole, knocked it down, and completely just drove away from the scene (and their responsibility for the damage).

While Harrison Street was closed to through-traffic, businesses remained open, including the hot used clothing shop Revival Vintage. So if you intended on visiting any businesses in that area, don’t be deterred by the draconian parking regulations or the fact that you might have to actually walk a block or two extra!

downed telephone pole Hoboken NJ Harrison Street revival vintage

downed telephone pole Hoboken NJ Harrison Street

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