Villanova booze specials

Villanova plays basketball – fans drink to the occasion in Hoboken

Continuing the tradition where folks who attend certain collegiate institutions “follow” associated athletic teams years and even decades beyond graduation – is the NCAA Basketball Tournament. For more than two weeks, “fans” of this form of entertainment become obsessed with contests, stats, analysis, commentary, gambling, thrills, heartbreak and camaraderie. Almost nothing else matters during this “highlight” of the year.

With that said, there is a contingent of Villanova University alumni here in Hoboken, and they are ecstatic that a carefully-selected group of talented “students” they don’t know are representing the school this year in the tournament. Heck, they’re even ranked “Number One!”

They’re playing tonight at around 7pm against another “educational” institution called North Carolina State University. That team is ranked “8” in the bracket, and is not favored to win according to odds-makers. And the bar that has designated themselves the “Villanova HQ” is Mulligan’s over at 159 First Street.

Fans of either team are encouraged to visit the bar tonight to receive blockbuster specials on alcohol which are apparently unavailable anywhere else! Ready?

  • $3 pints and $12 pitchers of Bud Light & Yuengling
  • $12 buckets of Bud or Bud Light bottles

It will be an unforgettable night in Hoboken for sure! Go Team!

Villanova NCAA Hoboken NJ Mulligans 2015

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