Sacred street space

How rare are parking spots in Hoboken?

Finding a parking spot in Hoboken. Depending on when, ranges from easy to next to impossible.

On weekdays, you can almost always find a spot somewhere close to your destination, and if you’re crafty enough to know where the street sweepers are – it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

At night and during the weekend, it gets progressively harder. I forget the numbers, but there are something like 3 times the parking permits issued compared to the actual number of spots physically available. So when people get home from work combined with visitors – it’s definitely a battle. Those criminal 2 hour meters don’t help one bit.

Anyway – I spotted this odd arrangement of traffic cones the other day. Looked almost like a ceremonial burial plot for “parking that once was” in Hoboken. Or maybe someone thought they could reserve their own spot by “cordoning off” the area. But it was neither – just a PSE&G job happening nearby.

But we might as well stick a fork in reasonable parking in town, as it will NEVER improve. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

parking spot rest in peace hoboken nj - Sacred street space

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