12,000 bottles of beer

Cow piss – 12,000 bottles of cheap beer {Coors Light}

Was on the way to Jersey City to pick up a new HDMI cable to replace one that our dog Chooey “chewed” last week, and I noticed that the Hoboken Beer & Soda Outlet had “stocked up” prior to the big St. Paddy’s Day “bar crawl.”

There were pallets of Coors Light stacked 20 feet high, and based on my quick calculations – there were at least 12,000 bottles of crap (cow piss drained through a dirty sock vintage) beer ready for the taking.

This is proof of the amazing power of mass marketing. Coors Light is not good beer. It’s shit. Bad shit. However, it gives whomever subjects themselves to it a reputable buzz nonetheless, and they buy it despite the almost non-taste it has.

I mean does anyone even try to taste other beers before they buy a case of this stuff? Are they just happier they got more bottles or cans for less? At what point do they look in the mirror and say “from now on, I will be the sole judge if something is worthy – and not allow skinny girls and repetitive commercials influence me?”

I truly think products like Coors Light are the epitome of what is wrong with our society. But sadly, very few have the power to overcome the ubiquitous nature of what eventually boils down to an “American Institution…”

Hoboken Beer Soda Outlet Cheap Beer

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