Bicycles in Hoboken


How many of you enjoy riding your bikes in Hoboken?

In today’s two-part entry, we have one Hoboken411 reader who feels the city needs to make more provisions for alternative transportation such as bicycles – and emailed council members to do more about it, plus another reader who is a bit concerned about some riders who who threaten the safety of pedestrians by recklessly riding on the sidewalk.

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(Bikes in Hoboken, continued…)

Alternative Transportation

Here’s what Anthony suggested to our city’s council members:

hoboken-bicycles-traffic.jpg“Esteemed Councilpersons,
I was recently reading a Transportation Alternatives (bicycle advocacy group active in NYC) newsletter and came upon the following article (see below) which I thought would translate well to Hoboken. If we could create a bicycle parking area, perhaps with a canopy for protection from weather, near the Path train, we could decrease Hoboken’s carbon footprint while decreasing traffic on our already precarious streets along with promoting a healthy commute for our residents.

I, for one, would increase my area of desirability for housing if I knew I could bike to the Path.

Thank you for your consideration”

“A Ninth Avenue Renaissance?”

Is Ninth Avenue becoming Manhattan’s most livable thoroughfare?

On March 5th, Manhattan Community Board 4 voted unanimously to support the addition of roughly 37 “parking swaps” along Ninth Avenue, from 36th Street to 56th Street and as needed on other to-be-selected portions of Eighth Avenue. The parking swaps, modeled after the one on Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, will re-appropriate underused parking spaces along these avenues to better accommodate bikers, walkers and transit-takers.

With these watershed swaps coming and a cycletrack already in place, Ninth Avenue is fast becoming New York City’s premiere livable avenue, and Manhattan Community Board 4 is gaining a reputation for groundbreaking progressive planning.

If you want to take advantage of the progressive planning tide that’s sweeping across NYC and work on bringing parking swaps to your neighborhood, contact Caroline at

What about Safety?

Then, we have Hoboken411 reader Jerry, who doesn’t necessarily oppose bicycles, but is concerned about what the city is doing about people who endanger the safety of pedestrians on the sidewalk:

“Early yesterday evening I was enjoying a stroll along Washington with my wife and baby when we were twice almost knocked down by bicyclists on the sidewalk. One was a restaurant delivery guy in a frenzy to make a food delivery. The other was a woman who seemed to be simply going for a (fast) ride.

  • Isn’t it illegal to ride bicycles on the sidewalk?
  • Why don’t bicyclists go on the road?
  • Do the police ever enforce the rules?

The sidewalks on the east side of uptown Washington Street are really narrow. There’s not enough room for bicycles as well as pedestrians.

Let’s stop bicycles on our sidewalks before accidents occur.”

So what are your opinions about bikes in Hoboken?

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Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

Cool — thanks!


You can take the ferry to World Financaial Center and ride along the West Side Highway on the bike path. On a nice day its a great ride and there are quite a few parks along the way, hot dog stands and ice cream stands too. The bike path is designated so you won’t find strollers in it. I roller blade there alot and its great. Plus you can’t beat a nice ferry ride in the summer/spring.


**wear a helmet*** lest the grammar police get me.



Take your bike on the uptown ferry and use the bike path on the West side of NYC. If you want to stay in NJ, I would suggest north of the GWB along 9W. It’s loaded with bicyclists on the weekends. You might want to transport your bikes up there, it’s a pretty rough ride on River Rd, with a killer hill near the bridge.

Always were a helmet, not everybody is as conscientious as Hoboken drivers!