Flashback Hoboken: 3307 days ago

Memories from 3307 days ago – Flashback Hoboken

Here’s another entry for the Flashback Hoboken time capsule category – and after scouring the Hoboken411 photo library – found some businesses that “used to be.” Do you remember any of these?

Old school dry cleaners & beauty salons

Hoboken used to have a “real retro” look in many spots -and not the “faux” retro look many new places try to re-create, but real genuine relics!

One was One Hour Universal Dry Cleaning at 1118 Washington. The sign was probably from the 40’s or 50’s. That’s now home to Napoli’s Pizza which is doing well in that space.

Also pictured below is Annette’s Beauty Salon (203 11th St.) back in ’06. They catered to sweet older ladies in the community. But as “mayor” don Zimmer has wished – crippling property tax bills is eradicating the senior population in town – and Annette’s bid farewell after 47 years. Now home to Guitar Bar Jr. (for the kids, of course!)

Universal Cleaners Annettes Beauty Salon Hoboken NJ closed - Flashback Hoboken: 3307 days ago

Specialized trades & perhaps “before it’s time?”

In today’s “disposable” culture we live in, not many people try to keep their goods for a long time. Just like cell phone upgrades, clothing is most likely just as expendable. Which is why Neyra Leathers and Alterations petered out. Now home to something much more “trendy,” Bambi Baby.

Also in the photo below is what I thought was a cool clothing boutique “Down to Earth.” But perhaps they missed out on something in Hoboken – because they didn’t last. Maybe if they waited till Fakebook could save the day, they would have had a chance. Now home to Boost Mobile (who also buys gold).

Neyra Leather Down to Earth Hoboken NJ - Flashback Hoboken: 3307 days ago

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