Hoboken reserved parking

The end is near – Hoboken reserved parking

Months went by where residents did their part and moved cars to make way for the “cleanup” of snow off city streets. Didn’t happen to an even 5% efficacy level. But most of you already know that.

I found this pile quite hilarious. This toxic snow mound was bad enough with just vehicular exhaust and road grime. And not only was it taking up a valuable parking spot, like a “cherry on top,” the soiled baby diaper makes it the ideal picture which sums up the city’s capabilities.

Hoboken reserved parking for diapers - Hoboken reserved parking

Letter: Clean Our Filthy Streets

Hoboken resident Melissa chimed in on what amounted to abysmal winter when it came to snow cleanup. “Grade F” and “left behind” is another way to put it.

“To the City Council of Hoboken:

I would like to see a property tax credit for the lack of services in Hoboken.

Residents are having to take it upon themselves to clean their streets that have not been cleared in months. The county has been willing to help when necessary but Zimmer refuses to invoke their assistance. You may want to contact The Mason Civic leave to provide assistance yourself in the cleaning of your ward.

Until we can get some appropriate leadership and adequate services in this town my taxes will continue to be paid in protest.

Yours in Health, Safety and Access,


Note: Remember “mayor” don Zimmer campaigning on transparency and other bullshit? Now she just hides behind press-releases and FAKE diary entries. What a total sham don is.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015 5:21 pm

Remember the PR spins of “creating” parking spaces. Now we have spaces evaporate because of lack of environmental services plus someone punch drunk on spending our money putting bike racks in overnight parking spots.

9th Street
9th Street
Thursday, March 19, 2015 5:08 pm

Excuses are the new credits.

Reply to  9th Street
Thursday, March 19, 2015 5:12 pm

The old excuse was to blame the car owners and dirty residents. The new excuse is that EVERY town in the area looks like this. 😯 [quote comment=”224459″]Excuses are the new credits.[/quote]

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