Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2015

Yep – another holiday to “celebrate” not because you know why you should or shouldn’t. You celebrate it because “it’s always been done this way,” and you’ll follow along because that’s what you do best!

Even dogs like St. Patrick’s Day! Our newest edition Chooey got all dolled up and gave herself a bath. And with her opposable thumbs, she tied this festive St. Patrick’s Day scarf on herself. I can imagine some green bones, green puke, and green shit too. Sounds just like Hoboken!

Hoboken St. Paddy's Day Hoboken411 Mascot Chooey

Hoboken named “Douchiest City to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

And in other St. Patrick’s Day news, Hoboken recently received top honors as the “Douchiest City to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.”

Hoboken out-puked places like Albany, Dayton, Chicago and Los Angeles to earn the gold medal.

While the parade is gone, and the celebration has dwindled down considerably – it’s not because “mayor” don Zimmer designed it that way. The party has slowed down because of the criminal parking situation and brutal roadways. People found more friendly places to have a good time. As you can tell – businesses are not happy with how unattractive Hoboken has become to those who still have some money in their pockets.

So that said, let’s drink!

Hoboken Douchiest City to Celebrate St. Patricks Day

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