Yafit – Doomed

Yafit doomed in Hoboken

Here’s the deal. The d-bag that “owned” that cheesy men’s clothing store called “Beau Brummel” up on Washington Street back starting in 2006 – was a total douchebag. Not only did he mislead and scam everyone he came in contact with – he also screwed everyone “indirectly” as well. Something about these greedy scumbags… He was such a sham that we removed his directory listing from the site.

But his stupid “wife” (or whatever she was) opened up this lame-ass shop over at 419 Washington St. a couple years ago. “Yafit.” Because of the shoddy reputation – they were “dead to me” as well.

So now “Yafit” can honestly be considered “YaDon’tFit” Haha!

Not sure how those scamming businesses can last as long as they did. But they’re gone, thankfully – and maybe now some better energy can fill that space.

Yafit Hoboken Doomed - Yafit - Doomed

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