Brilliant snow removal tactics

Brilliant snow removal tactics in Hoboken

Gotta get these photo sequences out of the queue before spring hits! This “brilliant” way to manage the snow in Hoboken was more like a total waste o’ time (in the spirit of St. Paddy’s Day tomorrow).

Here’s what happened. First, they plowed the snow at Pier A Park towards the eastern railing. It’s out of the way, right?

Well, then I suspect some overpaid city lawyer got wind of this and thought that some chump would climb the pile of snow and “fall” into the river, so they moved the snow to an interior section of the park.

I could care less where they put the snow, I can deal. But this shows you how unnecessary all of this is. If a drunk wants to deposit himself in the river, he’ll do it no matter if there is snow. If it happens to be a kid, well then that is just bad parenting. And the fact that they moved it only after the fact – didn’t limit the city’s liability much. Why they couldn’t do it right the first time explains why your property tax bills remain 10x higher then they ought to be.

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