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As the city council area on the remains a mess on the Hoboken website, the city sure is quick to upload “photo op” pictures almost immediately!

Like yesterday’s “hardly news” ribbon-cutting at the newly renovated Rite Aid uptown.

So why does city put so much effort in keeping the “good news” front and center, yet make it a wild goose-chase to get important information?

No offense to the people that were honored or were recipients of some kind of award, I’m sure it’s nice to have the recognition. But this isn’t the city’s priority (or at least shouldn’t be.)

Hoboken’s home page should have all important information immediately accessible on the page, such as new laws, critical meeting data, street cleaning, emergency information, etc. All this good news should be other sections that are a click or three away, not dominating the WHOLE page.

What’s the next Mayoral campaign slogan going to be? “I pose for much better photos than my competitor!?”

Hoboken website posers

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008 1:38 pm

this is what a U.S. Senator does?! this clown Menendez has time to attend openings of Rite Aids?? that’s the highlight of his constituency area?? wow. he has plenty of time to criticize all that’s wrong with the country, but apparently doesn’t have any solutions to make it better – just whining like the rest of his party. can we get these clowns out of office, please?!!!
and Roberts…i mean, please. the guy has carpel tunnel syndrome from holding so many scissors.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008 1:33 pm

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