Daylight savings time

Daylight Savings Time – Does it really matter?

Two weekends ago – “Daylight Savings Time” was once again instituted. Most of the world “follows” this tradition where we “get” an extra hour of light during a majority of the year. Whatever the reasons were for creating this (what amounts to just) two-times a year “adjustment,” does it really affect your life?

People complain every single year, because they suspect it was done originally to make the “elite” richer by cramming more work hours in the day (for outdoor work by the peasants), or that the “days are long gone” that this time shift is even necessary any more. While others even claim that there is no energy savings at all – in fact that we use even MORE energy as a result.

Even if you agree with those claims – is it even still worth soiling your panties over? Perhaps this extra hour truly makes the “seasons” feel distinctly different – and you can find some kind of benefit or silver lining? Where we truly get a different mindset each time the clocks change. You get more energetic during the longer days, and focus more on indoor things when it’s back to regular winter time.

If anything – maybe we should just permanently change the time to an hour ahead. We’d all have more light in the later hours – and maybe we can eliminate or reduce seasonal affective disorder?

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