Hoboken Archaeological Discovery!

Hoboken Archaeological Discovery: Filth!

After a few semi-decent snow events in town, you just have to wait till a few warm days and some rain comes to make your annual Hoboken archaeological discovery! And for the 100th year in a row (to commemorate Frank Sinatra’s centennial birthday), the find once again is: utter filth!

I mean what happens to the city “cleanup crew” when there is some snow? Do they go on sabbatical till the summer? There’s plenty of clear space to roll those trash bins around.

Maybe the rule is that all snow has to melt before they clean up again. Or perhaps city resources were diverted to clear soccer fields. Who knows.

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Friday, March 13, 2015 9:54 pm

The streets have been trashed for months. Bottles, cans, card board, plastic wraps – you name it. It is like trash has been dumped all over the streets and curbs. Even with the snow melted no city workers are out cleaning. Just like last year – Hoboken is a stink town.

Diverting resources to those Zimmer caters to is a crime when it diminishes our sanitation and environmental services. Budget needs to have our “can men” back. But ask Leo P he will tell you that Hoboken, contrary to the reality of us with two eyes, has a Clean City award. Sure and I have a bridge to sell you Leo.

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