Flashback: 310 Sinatra Drive

Hoboken Flashback – 310 Sinatra Drive

Here’s a little Hoboken flashback for ya from nine years ago, and a peek at what 310 Sinatra Drive looked like back in 2006. It was home to The Quays restaurant bar (left in the photo below).

Quays petered out, and eventually made way for Little Town New Jersey.

Little Town was completing their “transformation” this past week, dismantling the awning. Little Town is technically moving (under a new name “Little Town Social”) over to the Village Pourhouse spot at 159 First Street.

Finally, Ainsworth opened yesterday at 310 Sinatra Drive – a heavy-hitting NYC powerhouse!

Will the “revolving door” at this location now slow down for a while?

310 Sinatra Drive Flashback Hoboken NJ Ainsworth - Flashback: 310 Sinatra Drive

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