NJ hotels near NYC

New Map: Hoboken a Nice Alternative to Staying in Manhattan

There is a new map that helps travelers intending on going to NYC find hotels outside of Manhattan near transit options from New Jersey or Connecticut. Amongst the 20+ stations that are profiled at the site njhotelsnearnyc.com the Hoboken PATH and ferry terminal are praised as excellent options for several reasons.

NJ Hotels near NYC
(Get maps from njhotelsnearnyc.com/map-of-hotels-outside-new-york-city-in-new-jersey-or-connecticut)

For starters, travelers can expect some of the best skyline views of NYC from Hoboken.

Both the W Hotel and Sheraton (in Weehawken) offer rooms facing NYC. This makes for a memorable view returning to the hotel at night, or an inspiring sunrise in the morning. This is an excellent touch for travelers planning romantic getaways.

Other positives include logistic conveniences and costs savings. Drivers won’t have to worry about paying toll to get through the Lincoln Tunnel, or cross the George Washington Bridge. Also, getting to popular hubs in Manhattan is straightforward from Hoboken.

Between NY Waterway ferries or the PATH travelers can arrive at the Financial District near World Trade Center, Pier 11 or be within two blocks of Madison Square Garden in only a matter of a few stops and ride times under 20 minutes.

Business travelers will be pleased to know Hoboken offers a wide variety of restaurants and has a walkability score of 95 according to WalkScore.com. Exercise buffs will appreciate the Hudson trails overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Site owner Jeff Howard points out that amongst all the options for staying outside NYC Hoboken shines for its diverse urban neighborhood and views of NYC.

Jeff Howard / Travel Writer – is the founder of 5 travel websites that help people use public transportation including the site www.njhotelsnearnyc.com, he can be reached at jeff@njhotelsnearnyc.com.

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