White Lines in Hoboken

Clear skies, white lines in Hoboken

A lot of people out there are debating the white lines in the sky these days. A very contentious subject for sure. It’s probably best to remain a skeptic until any kind of hard evidence can be reviewed. Plus, how difficult would it be to embark on such a large-scale operation without any “leaks?” Seems like a distraction, but I am puzzled why no “old school” photos have similar streaks in the sky.

Whatever – I happened to catch this neat photo the other day – crisp blue skies, and two long vapor streaks. I suppose they were flying out of LaGuardia. (This is one of the benefits of not constantly looking down at your phone).

White Lines in the sky in Hoboken NJ

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Of all the planes that fly out of LaGuardia, only 2 made “con” trails….im not buying it.