Juice Bar on First Street?

Would a Juice Bar on First Street work in Hoboken?

While jewelry stores seem to be “trending down” in Hoboken, is it possible juice bars are making a comeback? With Buddha Press up on Washington St., word on the street is that the former Bio & Chic retail spot at 262 First Street may become a juice bar as well.

Without a doubt, this space is significantly smaller than “BP” up on the avenue – but the rent is most likely just a fraction. And gets very decent foot traffic considering it’s five blocks off the main drag.

I wonder if enough people in Hoboken have bought into the juice hype for places like this to thrive. I mean isn’t just eating a piece of fruit and taking your daily vitamin good enough? Exotic concoctions or not, paying $10 for a jolt of sugar (albeit “natural”) seems like a luxury. But I guess if it makes you feel good (psychosomatic or otherwise), no harm, no foul.

Hoboken Juice Bar 262 First Street

Description: Retail spot that is rumored to become a juice bar
Address: 262 First Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD

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