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File Under “Lost:” Useful Idiot Protest at Pearson in Hoboken

Useful Idiot Protest in Hoboken NJ Pearson EducationNo matter what the cause – you can always find at least some people supporting it. They can be for sensible reasons (like reducing the size of gov’t), or other “trendy” progressive hot-button topics like humpback whales or “equal rights” for some very small sub-set of society. For the latter, those people are commonly referred to as “useful idiots,” because most often they’re recruited to help “raise awareness” for some unfair thing or group, without realizing they’re furthering someone else’s agenda (or wealth). There was one such “Useful Idiot Protest” around of the Pearson Education building downtown last week.

Pearson is a very large multi-national “educational” company, publishing books under dozens of labels (like Penguin, Prentice Hall, Addison-Wesley and scores of others), along with aiding various government entities to create their educational programs. They like to present their company goal as helping people “learn” (while making a massive profit from it evidently).

But some folks are unhappy that a company becomes so big that it begins to pull some weight in the world. Like the $100 million in tax breaks that helped persuade them to move their HQ from Upper Saddle River, NJ over here to Hoboken (as well as in NY.) Some folks found that “unfair.”

Signs like “Better Choices for New Jersey,” and a doozy like – “How Pearson STOLE Education!” WTF does that mean? These folks love to pick on big companies – but they have zero idea about the history of “education” in the world. Peel back a few layers and understand the origin of it all (by digging in websites like to get an idea), then you’ll see why these folks have sadly been recruited to “bark up the wrong tree.”

One thing common with most of these meager protests – is that there’s always some peculiar soul in attendance. Like this ambiguous “person.” I can’t tell if they’re a boy or a girl. These are usually prime targets numero uno for the protest organizers. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Folks like this are often seen on Washington Street with clipboards talking about ozone, transgenders and recycling. Can’t you connect the dots already?

Useful Idiot Protest Hoboken NJ Pearson Education March 2015

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