Menendez Who?

Some suit-wearing talker named “Menendez” gets charges filed

I would never call any political crap “breaking” anything – unless it refers to the BANKS of the citizens who allow them to pillage their earnings.

So NJ “Senator” Bob Menendez is “headlining” the “news” of today. Some stupid stuff involving what bobble-headed politicians and their wealthy friends regularly do. The “Feds” apparently picked Menendez as their “flavor of the month” and will complicate his life for the short-term at the very least. Shit I couldn’t care less about.

But folks were asking about it.. and I figured I’d share some unique photos Hoboken411 took WAYYYY back in 2006, when Menendez made a campaign stop down by the PATH station, along with Senator Lautenberg, current President Barack Obama, and Jon Corzine. Such an all-star cast of characters, no?

Bob menendez NJ Hoboken democratic friends

Bob Menendez parties in Hoboken NJ with democratic friends

Bob Menendez Campaign stop hoboken NJ

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The Illegal gifts were discovered in 2013 and DOJ did nothing about it .Once Menendez questioned his negotiations with Iran – he is no longer protected

“President Obama no doubt hopes that Americans take at face value news that his justice department is preparing a criminal indictment for corruption of Senator Robert Menendez. The New Jersey Democrat is co-author of the bill designed to ensure that sanctions against Iran are brought back if the mullahs fail to reach an agreement or default on any agreement they do reach. It has driven Mr. Obama to a level of petulance America has rarely seen in a president. Yet voters are going to be asked to accept that the indictment is something other than retribution.”


Remember back when times were good?