Last blast of Winter?

(Hopefully) the last blast of winter in Hoboken

We’ve been fairly lucky this winter when it comes to “epic” snowfalls (like the bastards in Boston were “lucky” enough to receive.) Instead, we mostly received a fair number of “nuisance” storms. Below are a few shots from around town. What I like best about any amount of “new” snow, is the “refreshing” of the previously filthy, discolored “city snow” everywhere. It’s essentially “moisture trapped dirt.” So a fresh coating always cleans things up more or less.

Snow is not a cataclysmic event!

But did anyone venture out today? We drove around NJ to do some shopping, and noticed some stuff:

  • The number of businesses that decided to close early. WTF? How pussified has our society become? A few inches of snow and you call it a day? Lame-o.
  • The relative lack of people “out and about” like us. What, are they spooked by a little snow? And it wasn’t like they chose to not drive, and do other fun things in the snow. No one was out. $10 says most were glued to some kind of digital screen indoors.
  • Afraid! The people that DID make it out where such slow-pokes! Most vehicles out today were SUV’s. Now while it’s never smart to drive like a maniac, everyone we got stuck behind in their Jeep drove like they thought the car was covered with teflon and would careen off the roads. Wish they would have stayed home.

Not sure what the exact cause of this radical “shift” in how society treats events like this is – but it’s most certainly noticeable. Perhaps they watch too much “news?”

(The shots above were taken at Church Square Park and Pier C Park.)

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