Ditch the “Hop Bus?”

Hop Bus in Hoboken – worth the hassle?

Does anyone think for a moment why the local Hoboken government gets involved in things like transportation – when they should be left to the free market? The HOP bus is what I’m referring to in particular.

Providing a means to get from point A to point B should not be something that is subsidized by property taxpayers. While there is a “fare,” the operation loses money, and effectively comes out of your quarterly bill to some extent.

Now there are “senior” programs that have been around for a long while, and things like senior shuttles probably aren’t so bad. But it’s another “sign of the times” that isn’t so comforting. Back in the day – before families became so scattered – the elder member of a family was taken care of by their own. Doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. But I suppose living in an urban environment allows some so-called “freedom” for older people who live alone.

But I digress. So just a few years ago – we just had senior shuttles. Which had limited routes (to places like supermarkets, etc.) Now we have several stupid “hop” routes, and most of the time the buses are either empty or only have one or two passengers.

Can Hoboken do without the “Hop,” and maybe just accept alternatives, like Uber?

Is the hop bus in Hoboken NJ necessary - Ditch the "Hop Bus?"

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I agree with this article 100%. there are quite a few alternatives in Hoboken for transit in and around. the NJT bus that travels down Washington, The Light Rail as well as all the condo buses that pick up and drop off people that live around Hoboken.

I understand the senior bus. Seniors need a convenient way to get around to places and that is it.

The main problem with the Hop bus in downtown is that it is the only bus of any of the buses in all of Hoboken that stops and sits in front of a Residential building. The Hop Stop downtown should be in front of Reign on River. It is a nightclub which is never open during the week so nobody needs access to that building and there is more than enough space in front to make this work. Then the residents at 77 River could park for more than 2 minutes without being hassled by the HPU. or to unload heavy items without having to rush. Plus buses wouldn’t be going in and out in that small bottleneck backing up traffic from all the in and out.