Disappearing jewelry stores in Hoboken

Cracks showing? Jewelry stores in Hoboken dropping like flies!

While high-end real estate and luxury cars seem to have enough “rich” customers to stay afloat – “local” jewelry stores in Hoboken don’t have the same luck as of late. Is that a sign that the (real) economy is truly taking a beating?

They say that amongst the “regular” middle class people, that luxury purchases like jewelry are one of the first things taken off the list of discretionary spending when times are tough.

In just the past month or two – several “casualties” have taken place in the Hoboken jewelry store market: Jewelry by Peter, Antique Reflections and Poor Cat Designs have all thrown in the towel.

On the other hand – places like W. Kodak Jewelers are doing just great – and are even expanding! We think that’s because they sell functional and elegant long-lasting time pieces (“watches” for the layman), as well as classy diamond engagement and wedding rings. I suppose “trinket” type bling isn’t even in the same league anymore.

What will fill the void left by all these tchotchke shops?

jewelry stores go bust in Hoboken NJ - Disappearing jewelry stores in Hoboken

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I guess your keyboard forgot the “y” and mysteriously substituted an “e” for an a.” I hate when that happens. Regardless, layperson is more apropos now.

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Grammar and Spelling Nazi


What is a “lamen”? Do you mean layman?