Hoboken Nightclub “for sale”

Want to run your own Hoboken nightclub?

Interesting. I stumbled upon a Hoboken nightclub that is for rent ($120,000 per year!)

Hoboken nightclub for sale“Ultra chic Nightclub with live entertainment in the prime area of Hudson NJ, County this area is known to have more bars per capita than many others in the United States. The night club consists of 3700 square feet with an indoor capacity for 350 patrons. The business has a huge dance floor, full stage, separate area for private functions, multiple serving bars, Private VIP area and a full kitchen. This Club has been fully upgraded during the past two years with a modern and attractive image. Because the sale of this business is confidential all viewings are by appointment only and photo may not represent this particular business.

Operator must evidence funds to transfer liquor license. This Nightclub has multiple bars, a full kitchen, professional sound system, DJ booth, special lighting systems, POS system, liquor license and entertainment approval and various equipment required for this industry. The building has a legal capacity for 350 customers plus space for extra capacity. The business operates, everyday, hours 8:00 pm to 3:00 am. The business has a New Jersey State liquor license and a full entertainment & food license from the municipality.”

I love that verbal jargon. “Photo may not represent this particular business.”

West Five Supper Club Hoboken NJ

Do nightclubs still have a market?

The photo they used appeared to be from the West Five Supper Club over at 505 Madison Street. Not sure why they’d list something publicly online, and say it’s “confidential.” Also – if that photo was someone else’s businesses – doesn’t that cause other issues?

Regardless if it’s West Five or not (the description does fit almost spot on), how is the “nightclub” market doing these days anyway?

According to West Five’s promotional video, it doesn’t look like there’s a shortage of people who like dancing and partying the night away, although the number of “clubs” like this certainly has dwindled each decade since the disco era.

Does anyone do “bottle service” anymore? I’ve never done it myself, but what do they pay? Like $250 for a bottle of booze you can get for $30 at the liquor store?

Regardless – it’d be interesting to see what plays out. I suppose with the proper marketing, hype and general patron experience, pretty much any venue has a chance of succeeding. Anyone want to go “halfsies” with me?

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