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Thermoplastic paint bike lanes – waste of money

Have you seen what’s happened to the roads over the past few decades? There are so many “markings” on the ground in which you travel, it’s more distracting that texting and driving! And recently “mayor” don Zimmer gloated about how the ridiculous bike lanes in Hoboken will get re-done with something called “thermoplastic paint.” Yep. You can barely drive down the narrow city streets as it is, and they want to JAM more bone-headed cycling provisions up your asses.

Thermoplastic paint is nothing new in Hoboken. We’ve talked about this in the past – where when used for the “fat stripe” crosswalks – that thermoplastic paint is highly dangerous and slippery in ALL wet weather (not just frozen). That, along with those “slip ‘n’ slide” ramp “grips” which do exactly the opposite.

While “thermoplastic” paint does indeed weather the elements better than standard highway paint, the ROI is probably negligible. About the only sensible place I can see thermoplastic paint being used are for lane markers on higher speed roads where pedestrians rarely are.

Heck – EVEN AVID LIBERAL BIKERS FROM PORTLAND, OREGON think Thermoplastic paint is the worst! Not only does (the thickness of the paint) make racing bikes lose their “track,” they, too, also have an ounce of observational skills and can tell how SLIPPERY this crap is.

It would be an interesting day when a pack of bikers sues the city because of this banana-peel paint.

thermoplastic paint bike lanes Hoboken NJ

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