City wastes no time booting


When I said “Parking D-Day” yesterday, I wasn’t kidding!

Because if you thought the Hoboken Parking Utility was bluffing about the deadline just take a look at these pictures of cars booted for expired stickers on March 17th. HPU units were out in force yesterday, and along my six-mile walk I saw over 20 booted cars, and many with resident stickers on them. I guess they “stuck” it to ya!

Anyone get booted? Or were you lucky and/or current with your decals?

Hope this isn’t your car!


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Last year I got booted for this crime with a high price tag and major inconvenience. The cost of a boot and tow, they should throw in a pair of Manalos.

It turns out the city of Hoboken changed my address to a senior citizen home!!!! The Parking Authority said it was the Post Office’s fault and the Post Office said they were just doing their job delivering mail to the elderly.

I got out of it by sitting through 4 hours of truant cases at City Hall until the judge dismissed my boot and I got reimbursed a few months later. I guess I got lucky?


I don’t see the complaint here. A deadlines is a deadline. April 15th you pay your taxes thats the deadline, your boss sets a deadline you do it. Not a day or two after. why shouldnt the town bring in as much revenue from this as they can. If letters didnt go out or they were shady about informing when the deadline is then I see the complaint. That doesnt seem to be the case here.


Hmmm….If I remember correctly isn’t that the same Director who was “banned for life” from tradeing on Wall Street before the Mayor gave him that job ?

Hoboken politics….hmmmm. 👿


could be worse:

This guy’s been booted so many times that they arrested him, even though he already paid his tickets.


[quote comment=”73922″]A large portion of the booting fees go to an outside contractor, not the city of Hoboken.

The director of the Parking Utility is known to be very generous with outside contractors, treating them to expensive dinners and such (isn’t it usually the other way around?). There’s a very cozy relationship there.

Let your imagination run wild.[/quote]

My imagination doesn’t need to run wild as it appears that the HPU gives jobs to some of those contractors as well. About 18 months ago, my car got towed and I went to Mile Square Towing, paid my bill, and got my car.

About a week or so later, I saw one of the HPU golf carts go by and the woman driving it was the exact same woman I paid at Mile Square Towing….