Deceptive packaging

Energizer Eco Advanced Batteries – Deceptive packaging

Wanted to take a moment to point out one of the many instances of “deceptive packaging” out there in the big bad world of brand name retail shopping.

Was at Shoprite the other day, and while waiting on an unusually slow checkout lane, I noticed they had these Energizer “Eco Advanced” AA batteries. They were on sale for quite a good price (cheaper than regular alkaline batteries). So I picked up a pack. And here’s what I found wrong with them.

Energizer Eco Advanced Batteries deceptive packaging - Deceptive packaging

Big companies always looking for ways to trick customers

  • The biggest offender is dead center: World’s First Recycled Batteries.”
    This is purposely done in high-contrast white fonts against a rich blue background. Further examination will reveal a very low-contrast black on blue, and a smaller font “made with 4% recycled batteries.” Doesn’t that sound (and look) deceptive? I’m sure you see the point. By adding the hard to see specifics, they’re essentially not telling a lie at all. But they’ve obscured the truth quite obviously.
  • And of course, the rest of it is about key words like “ECO” (clearly visible) and the green coloring.

In the end, they package the product to attract people who belong to certain “camps.” In this case it was clearly the “Environmental Justice Warriors” out there. These normally more expensive batteries are no better than regular alkaline batteries, but they guilt you into paying more because of that “feel good” “eco” label. They probably cost less to make, too (sans initial marketing costs).

Best bet always is to invest in decent Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries and a good charger – We dig Eneloop brand.

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