Parking problems solved (for you)

Parking problems solved in Hoboken (if you work for the city)

There are a few reasons why it is attractive to work for the city of Hoboken.

  1. Bare minimum effort required in your job with great benefits (like most municipal jobs – bloat and waste are King!)
  2. Next to impossible to get fired (and if you do, you typically end up with a six or seven figure settlement afterward – thanks property taxpayers!)
  3. Use of company cars (gas, mileage – so not your problem!)
  4. Free parking, no tickets! Go where you want without those nagging tickets!

Anyway – this is just another one of those incidents that you’d get a ticket for (“Environmental Services” once again! Repeat offender!)

no parking problems for Hoboken NJ city employees

About Hoboken HPU Hypocrisy of the Day
The HPU Hypocrisy of the Day is a photo feature on

Created out of need – this section features the blatant hypocrisy in the Hoboken city government. Get this – Parking “laws” were created under the guise that it is either for “safety of residents, drivers and pedestrians,” or to “make parking more fair for law abiding citizens.”

The city, however – VIOLATES those very same laws. The bottom line is THEY DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT SAFETY. They just want your MONEY.

You frustrated with the hypocrisy? Caught them on film? Simply email with your photo, location and sorry story!

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