Baby Physical Therapy

Baby Physical Therapy in Hoboken

After glancing at this flier in front of Orlando Physical Therapy at 14th & Washington – my first thought was “Oh God, since when did we need baby physical therapy? All they do is lay down all day!”

But after reading one – it’s actually quite a helpful service for both infants and moms. Read below to find out.

baby physical therapy hoboken NJ

Pediatric conditions often benefit from physical therapy

Just because they’re kids – doesn’t mean they’re free from medical issues. Some of the conditions that Orlando Physical Therapy treats for kids are:

  • Hypotonia (weak muscle tone)
  • “Toe Walking” (either via habit or congenital defect)
  • Torticollis (neck issues)

Additionally – moms go through quite the physical ordeal during pregnancy and birth. Other services for pregnant and postpartum ladies include:

  • Manual physical therapy
  • Pelvic strengthening
  • Therapeutic massage, posture adjustments

Who knew all the potential troubles giving birth entailed. I can only imagine how people managed before the days of advanced treatment like this.

Anyway – to find out more, you can contact Dr. Anthony L. Orlando at (201)876-0001 or visit their website at

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