You are not offended

You say you’re offended? You’re not. You’re flawed!

“That offends me.”

Offend is similar to words like annoy or irritate. In other words, to “offend” causes some kind of displeasure to people (most often “mental” displeasure.) But the word offend, and the phrase “that offends me” packs more “punch” than words like annoy – because it is the current political and social darling of the moment – and to me, sounds less like a personal decision and more like a “fact” that has no perceived ownership.

The dictionary also says that offend means “to violate some moral law.” Which is where I draw the line on being offended.

Let’s remind everyone what Natural Law (COMMON law) is (and the only real laws we need):

  1. Do all you have agreed to do.
  2. Do not encroach on other persons or their property.

If everyone understood what that meant in the grand scheme of things, they’d be a lot better off. But what is causing this “offended” shit storm?

offended holiday girl cant handle the truth

Saying you’re “offended” when you’re socially inept {is a total cop out}

One of the reasons which got my fingers dancing on the keyboard was this article on XOJane I recently glanced over, written by a pathetic person named Kim Kuikhin entitled “Please stop asking about my family holiday plans.”

In the article, this bitter lady thinks it’s SO WRONG for people to engage in small talk regarding holiday plans – and more specifically about “family.” Because she had some kind of bad luck with her upbringing – and would rather internalize her woes instead of being open about them – gets offended that “happy” people with functional families DARE ask her if she has “family plans.”

This is akin to people being offended at the phrase “Merry Christmas” and opt for the bland “Happy Holidays” instead.

She gets “uncomfortable” and cites two reasons for her disdain. One, she can’t tell the truth about her troubled family, and two, she doesn’t want to “lie” about it either. What a crippling mental thought process! Talk about low-hanging fruit! Kim is certainly no problem-solver in my book. She can either get help about her discomfort, or just choose not to socialize with anyone. To redirect her own issues outward when societal small talk has been going on for eons, and isn’t about to stop anytime soon because she is an undeveloped emotional embryo.

She couldn’t even handle being invited to other people’s holiday gatherings! She called them “devastating and alienating.” What a scrooge!

This reminds me of that fat chick who rationalized her out of control eating and directed anger towards those who value good health.

being offended is your fault

Reinforcement from the same group helps not

So it’s clear that she couldn’t express herself at the point of impact, when the problems occurred. So she bottled her emotions and let them loose on a feminist website where everyone coddles each other and agrees.

That does not help, and will further impair her recovery on the path to being a functional member of society.

The commenters on that article were just as bad, if not WORSE. They feel they have the right to say what kind of “small talk” should be allowed, and what “sensitive” subjects should be avoided.

Listen, if you can’t handle a very wide range of everyday topics – and have to tip toe around constantly worrying whether it’s a “safe topic” or not – then holy crap you are fucked the hell up. Damaged property. Victimized by society (your own doing). Weak.

If anything (and if you had a sharp mind), you should strive to be more happy-go-lucky like those people who have no fear in asking you about your “family.” Stop being so depressed.

I bet these socially offended people are also angry that wealthy people have nice cars and clothes too. This whole “trigger word” generation we have swelling around us has to stop. “Politeness, tact, sensitivity, rudeness, offensive” are all the precursor to full censorship and a society you will not be happy to live in.

Everyone should get over themselves and figure out how to deal with it. Pointing the finger outward is not the solution.

(This is the same type of “lady” who would go ape-shit at a peaceful pro-life demonstration)

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Being offended is a form of status signaling, particularly among the SWPL crowd.


It’s also the raison d’être of the SJW who’s just itching to launch a dox attack against a member of the racist patriarchy.[quote comment=”224426″]Being offended is a form of status signaling, particularly among the SWPL crowd.[/quote]