The lie we live

The lie we live (can you see the big picture?)

Most people don’t understand why you work, let alone how all the “pieces” of the world fit together so conveniently.

Like why is it so difficult for the majority of people to get substantially “ahead?” Or even those that DO have the potential to get ahead, don’t – because they’re busy living their lives “consuming” their excess pay on trivial things.

Those that take many steps back to analyze history and the “big picture” will understand this video montage made by Spencer Cathcart titled The Lie We Live. It’s meant to wake you up a little and put things into perspective, or to possibly redefine what it all means. And for whom.

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What a silly piece of nonsense. Must people are lazy and want to live off of the tit of government. It is like these rent control advocates who think they are contributing to Hoboken, but in reality they are bringing down the City because it compromises forward progress. All the Applied People collecting there nice disability checks for being fat or serially unemployed.

The masses need to be controlled because they cannot take care of themselves. The world needs the ditch diggers, hamburger flippers, dog walkers, heavy lifters and toll booth clerks…..