NY Waterway through the ice!

NY Waterway – “always ready!”

Wow – even despite all that ice in the Hudson River – the NY Waterway Ferries seem to be much more reliable than the PATH and NJ Transit buses. And the Waterway isn’t ashamed to let you know!

NY Waterway harsh winter ice hoboken NJ - NY Waterway through the ice!

Note to customers from NY Waterway

They recently sent out this message to their customers:

“Just a note to our customers,

We at NY Waterway are always ready and determined to operate our service the best we can, even under this winter’s extreme weather conditions. Always within the boundaries of safety. No miracles, but a boundless drive to serve our customers.

All of us are committed to providing the highest level of reliability consistent with safe conditions. Our commitment to serving our customers is second to none. We thank you for relying on us to get you where you need to be, especially during this year’s harsh winter.


The staff at NY Waterway.”

Do you think it’s worth the extra expense to have the “civilized commute?

NY Waterway Hoboken NJ harsh winter ice river - NY Waterway through the ice!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015 12:22 pm

Less chance of catching a cold on the ferry.

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