Dave Hopla Shooting Clinic

Dave Hopla Basketball Shooting Clinic – 2/26

Here’s something “physical” to do with your kids while we all reach the end of our tolerance of the cold weather – and it includes a big-name NBA shooting coach Dave Hopla!

(Register here: nextbasketwins.com/hoboken-nj-skills—drills-clinic.html)

Dave Hopla Basketball Shooting Clinic Hoboken NJ

Former NBA Shooting Coach Dave Hopla comes to Hoboken

What: Dave Hopla Shooting Clinic
Where: Hoboken High School (8th & Clinton)
When: Thursday, February 26, 2015 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Cost: $50 per participant

Boys and Girls all ages! Dave will give an entertaining and informative lecture followed by a breakout session at each basket where the kids will practice shooting techniques. Dave will cover all the areas of shooting a basketball as well as take the kids through a workout at each basket so they can each try it.

About Dave Hopla:
Dave is considered by many to be the top shooter in the world. He regularly knocks down 495 out of 500 shots. Dave regularly keeps track of all his shots when he practices and lectures. In 2004 he made 98.89%. In 2005 he shot 98.20% by making an unbelievable 35,332 out of 35,979 shots!

During the summer of 2007 Dave attended 31 camps where he shot an unbelievable 99.19%! He knocked down 11,093 out of 11,183 shots. Dave has worked with many NBA, WNBA, college, high school teams and players. In 2006 Dave was hired as a shooting consultant for the Toronto Raptors. After joining the Raptors, Toronto increased its team shooting percentage every month, from 44.2% in November 2006 to 47.5% in January 2007. They also increased their 3-point shooting percentage from 30% in November 2006 to 40% in January 2007. In 2007, Dave was hired by the Washington Wizards as an Assistant Coach for Player Development and worked for the New York Knicks as a shooting coach from 2012-2014.

Oh, and take a look at this video where he sets the world record for making 18 3 point shots in 60 seconds. Who wouldn’t want a coach that proves his skill?

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