Hoboken Week in Review – 3/16/2008


Another wet and wild week in the books here in Hoboken.

hoboken week in review flooding water main - Hoboken Week in Review - 3/16/2008

Read the Top 10 articles published or bumped this week that had the hottest overall chat action in Hoboken!

Hottest topics of the week

  1. Court is now in session
    Drunk ex-councilman Chris Campos finally has a trial date. In other news, 155 million babies were born since he got arrested.
  2. Taking a bubble bath
    Hoboken real estate developer Tarragon gets noticed by Forbes Magazine.
  3. Hoboken: Keeping the SUV industry alive
    Ordinary commuter cars get pulverized by our major league potholes.
  4. Blind as a bat
    City hall can’t even mind their own front stoop, as hungry vehicles devour their parking barriers.
  5. The Hoboken Lotto is now: __________
    In the spotlight: Top Cop Carmen LaBruno. Peeps want to know what his “thanks for playing” goodbye check will be worth.
  6. Glances turn me on
    Hoboken missed connections continues missing the beat.
  7. Sliders, without the runs
    Juniors Papaya Grill opens. This reviewer thinks the mini-burgers are the bomb.
  8. Slow motion: Another reason to hate mini-vans
    Town menace: Guy in banged-up Ford Aerostar wreaks havoc on people’s patience.
  9. Brother, can you spare $5 bucks?
    City cabs go up in price. All sorts of ambiguous rules and other stupid garbage clutter our life.
  10. More burgers coming to our gullets
    Five Guys Burgers and Fries coming to Hoboken. With so many guys, where will they park?

Other notable items of interest

(oh, and thanks to Rob for help with this week’s fun image!)

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