Hoboken Deconstruction

Delicate work involved with Hoboken Deconstruction

Row houses (or brownstones) have always fascinated me. With such small lot sizes, it’s clear that interior space is much more important than a larger yard outside. How else could you cram 60,000 people into a square mile or so?

Imagine if Hoboken was laid out like much of the suburbs in the NYC tri-state area? If every “lot” was a modest one acre in size, we’d have less than 800 homes in Hoboken. Compared with around 20,000 or more!

Anyway – it’s amazing when one of the “row houses” is demolished – all without destroying adjacent properties. One such building getting knocked down this winter near 5th & Grand Streets, next to Dom’s Bakery. Wonder if they ever make some cool discoveries when they do this? Like buried treasure or finding Jimmy Hoffa.

Hoboken Deconstruction of a row house 1

Hoboken Deconstruction of a row house 2

Hoboken Deconstruction of a row house 3

Hoboken Deconstruction of a row house 4

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Angry Bird
Angry Bird
Tuesday, February 24, 2015 5:10 pm

Interesting post. Watching these row house transformations from demolition to an empty lot to a new building is a pretty cool thing. Amazing they don’t damage the adjacent structures.

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