Zero Excuse for Obesity

Obesity – No one to “blame” but yourself

The purpose of this article is to one, remind everyone that this obesity “epidemic” is not like some plague. It’s a self-induced problem. And two, to show – since thousands of people reach the obesity level every day – how “justifying it” is becoming a trend (like fat runway models, marketing that coaxes fat people into gorging even more food into their gullets, etc.)

What? You really LOVE your fat body? Haha! Pitiful!

I love my fat body on a treadmill - Zero Excuse for ObesitySome whiny feminist “author” named Naomi Alderman recently penned a piece called “I really Love my Fat Body,” which she later revised the title to: “There is no morality in Exercise: I’m a fat person and made a successful fitness app…”

For what it’s worth, she made an “app” called Zombies, Run! (which sounds neat), but actually “feared” people finding out she was a giant tub and mocking her because she made a fitness program. But her “app” is actually irrelevant to the story.

It’s apparent that because she was a physical klutz, and couldn’t “compete” with people who were already “fit,” Naomi built up some resentment against the fitness “scene” overall. Although, she claims to exercise frequently – but just can’t shed the weight.

She even talks about her body in the third-person: “I really love my body. It’s taken me ages, but I’m there now. I love it in the way you love an old friend, someone who’s always there to support you, who tries their hardest to help you do all the things you want to do and asks so little in return . My body is like a waggy-tailed dog in its excitement to accompany me on adventures. It’s so thrilled to go for a walk or work out at the gym or take a nice bath or have some good sex or dance to some music or lift some heavy things or curl up in bed at the end of a long day. That’s my fat body, which I have learned to love through exercise.”

Rationalizing your obesity is the WORST thing you can do

Naomi must have some kind of mommy or daddy issues – the fact that she is so emotionally troubled. And to write a piece like that which essentially justifies the unhealthy condition of your body (due to diet nearly 100%), is a pretty lame way to excuse yourself from the responsibility.

Even worse – commenters on that site coddle her even more – further strengthening her belief that “it’s okay” to be disproportionately shaped and physically less attractive.

More evidence that she’s either lying about exercise or doing it absolutely the wrong way (with minimal effort and consistency) is that she said “I have never lost a single pound through exercise.” Exercise or not, she has an eating disorder!

“Loving” your fat body may make life more tolerable for you today – but by believing that lie, you will only hurt yourself down the line.

Okay, maybe ignorance does play a significant role in Obesity

While it is true that the individual is solely responsible for what they put in their mouth – those who have woken up when it comes to the truth in nutrition can see how people have almost been victimized until recently.

You know the drill. The whole “fat is bad” misinformation campaign that indoctrinated millions nearly four decades ago does have a role in this epidemic. But anyone who has tried diet after diet with no success would eventually “stumble upon” the low-carb lifestyle. Unless they just gave up (which Naomi probably did).

Yes, it can be a challenge to “eat right.” With tons of processed fast food, and 90% of the supermarket products containing starches, preservatives and artificial ingredients, it actually takes a sincere amount of effort to fuel your body properly. But the information is readily available at the click of a mouse.

Think about it: Who benefits from obesity?

obese scale - Zero Excuse for ObesityLastly – for anyone that is just like Naomi or sympathizes with her – and just accepts the premise that “some people are just fat,” here’s an exercise for you: “follow the money.”

Look into how many industries have struck gold because people are suckers. The AG industry, peddling their cheap, easy to produce and transport GMO grains which are in most packaged goods at the supermarket. The Pharma industry, who has a steady stream of customers who need to “treat” the effects of obesity (the list is LONG). The medical industry (with already criminal rates they charge), are helping these fatties “just enough” to keep them alive. And more.

What would they stand to lose if everyone was in good health?

I bet when they read stories like “I love my fat body” they are giving each other high fives, without a worry in the world. Too bad people can’t “wake up” instead of trying to justify their failures as human beings.

I’m still quite amazed that people can actually “come to grips” with flaws they can easily remedy. And even more shocked that they have sympathizers! What a cop out!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015 1:34 am

I read that sad article. All this pig could talk about was technology. Kickstarter, comments and emails. That sums it up. She does not live in the physical world. Same goes for a lot of you. She’s more worried about internet haters than anything else.

Why can’t people just ask themselves why? Why things are the way they are? Or how they came to be that way?

But I sympathize because she is unable to gain clarity in her existence. Unreachable. Sad.

Monday, March 2, 2015 4:43 pm

I agree with Hoboken411’s opinion that obesity should not be rationalized. It makes me angry that obese people justify or defend their size, especially if they are well known or have others who mindlessly follow their lead.

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