Drunk impersonates struck pedestrian

3/13/2008 Update:

A Hobokenite “in the know” advised me that I may be mistaken with the VIP part.

The term is used interchangeably in town… There have been many instances where VIP has indeed meant a very important person (such as a guest of the city, or a political figure – the often get free “rides” from the Hoboken Police/Taxi Department).

In this case, he referred to this as being a “regular drunk” or homeless person, or as I presume “Very Intoxicated Person”… whatever. I make mistakes. I was just hoping it was a drunk politician.


Boy, the Live Hoboken police and fire scanner is fun this evening.

And this one sounds interesting.

Call originally came in as “Pedestrian struck by auto, 84 Washington St.”

Then as police arrived, it was “not struck, but a DK (drunk) who fell, and a call pulled over to help”

Then dispatch said “VIP down”.. which usually means an “important” CITY or COUNTY EMPLOYEE (use “important” at your discretion)… which town drunk is it? Anyone that finds out.. let me know.. they rarely say the name on the radio, and by the time I get down there, it’ll be cleaned up.

The new James Bond: “Darling, I’ll take my pedestrian drunk, not struck.”


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Yup, here is the breakdown of police/ambulance lingo on the scanner:
VIP=very intoxicated person
local=homeless and/or 1 of the above; aka frequent flyer
EDP=emotionally disturbed person
MOS=member of service (police/fire/EMS; sometimes also used for someone who is a family member of a police/fire/EMS worker)
GOA=gone on arrival
ALS=advanced life support (paramedics — from JCMC)
12=personal business/break
19=back in service
14=received, acknowledged, ok (like 10-4 on CB’s)

el norte
el norte

Maybe he had food poisoning?


Who here has ever puked on themselves while drunk? I haven’t puked because of drinking in a long time, but I never puked on myself, I always made the toilet*. Freakin’ amateur.

*Note: It’s not that I stopped drinking, it’s just that I’ve killed my liver so bad my body no longer knows I need to puke.


I thought they stopped selling beer during college games. Doesn’t mean he didn’t sneak in a pint of Jack, but just sayin.


What time did this occur?!
Was going into NYC last night around 6.30 and some poor amateur was passed out all alone on the bench. Puke running down his pants and a big pool with chunks on the ground. He was just waking up as I was boarding the train and, with the PATH workers, watched him slowly get up and somehow walk up the stairs without falling backwards. Why no one stopped him I can’t tell and how he was able to get by the Police is beyond me.
This wasn’t Jimmy mind you-probably some 30 year old guy named Todd who thought he could drink all day at MSG. Weak.