What if you get sick after eating out?

What is the proper way to handle restaurant experiences in Hoboken?

Got a “tweet” from a girl who had dinner at Dino & Harry’s last weekend saying “My entire family got food poisoning in Hoboken… #gross!”

I proceeded to ask from what, how, etc. – and she suspected it was from the calamari – and added that “service was awful, horrible!”

But is shaming a restaurant via social media the answer? Was it really “food poisoning” or just “angry they had a douchebag waiter?” Could they have gotten food poisoning earlier?

restaurant complaints in Hoboken

How would you handle “bad food” in Hoboken?

It’s quite possible they were served bad fish – it happens in the food service industry. Almost impossible to avoid entirely. In fact, it happens all the time IN YOUR OWN HOME as well!

Would you ever “tweet” that YOUR cooking sucks? Of course not – friends would NEVER come visit again!

You see – I’ve gotten food poisoning in Hoboken as well (several times in the past two years, which were my FIRST bouts in my life, too). You want to know what my solution was?

I don’t frequent those places anymore. But I did NOT publicize our woes. I could have had some food that might have been under-cooked, or mishandled in some way. That is no way indicative of future prospects – and if it was, then natural “market dynamics” would solve the problem. A place that makes every customer ill from food-poisoning wouldn’t last long!

It was my choice not to “risk” going to those places anymore. Am I failing to prevent others from getting sick? Probably not – just the same way I can’t promise that some people won’t get food poisoning from a place I give good reviews for either. I would just rather not talk about those places anymore. My way of handling the problem.

But that twitter girl should have probably gone back to Dino & Harry’s and explained their issues (or even called the same night) instead of asking the social media power-brokers for attention (hello, socialism!)

The shitty thing about social media (Twitter especially) is that people make profound statements (in 140 characters or less), without painting a full picture. No idea what the back story is or was, no idea if they tried rectifying the problem or when it occurred. Did they call the restaurant? Ask for restitution? Why mention bad service? Maybe that was their gripe and they pinned food poisoning to “get back at them?”

And lastly – while we post here what we were “fed” (no pun intended) on social media for this particular instance – this type of complaint really should be done in private.

The restaurant is obviously successful for a reason. They have been doing things right for quite a while. To potentially “harm” them for something that may have been a “fluke” is a bit harsh.

This is exactly why social media and “constant contact” between everyone and their brother is a detriment to society. Not only are people NOT doing constructive and productive things, they’re also “shaping” how others behave – without any real merit. Yes, “social media” can be quite helpful, say in times of emergency – like a flood or weather event – but for shit like this, not so much.

Look at your last 1000 tweets or fakebook updates – Did you really need to mentally process them?

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