Excessive parking {removal} in Hoboken

Why take one spot away in Hoboken? Clear a whole block!

As you’ve seen and experienced (like crazy) in Hoboken, parking on the street except during crazy “off hours” is for the most part impossible. And besides the nearly 100% “pay to park” layout of our city, as already mentioned earlier by a distinguished member of a local church – there are even more “bang your head on the wall” examples of how driving to Hoboken is a losing cause.

Take this uptown street – which had emergency “Temporary Parking Regulation” signs on the entire block.

Why? So they could make room for this plow attachment. That’s right, they “cleared” an entire city block, when they could have easily just “reserved” maybe two or three or four spaces.

This sure is environmentally friendly to have all those (fossil fuel burning) cars circling around the city to find another spot, right? Way to go!

Hoboken street closed for one piece of equipment - Excessive parking {removal} in Hoboken

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