Parking hell to hurt Hoboken

Visiting Hoboken costs money 100% of the time

When you have a vibrant city like Hoboken – you WANT people to visit, have great things to say about it, and encourage them to come back time and time again. Not curse out loud and find better, more accommodating venues. And if you’re the “mayor” of a city like Hoboken, you’re supposed be an ally of small businesses, and help them find ways to attract more customers – not treat their (whatever) customers (they have left) like another revenue stream for luxurious salaries and gold-plated health care packages for yourself and your cronies.

Hoboken has practically become 100% pay to park.

And geez, when members of the clergy feel the need to speak out about this – you know it’s bad, as Father Alex Santora of Our Lady of Grace Church recently did.

Hoboken Parking Hell - Parking hell to hurt Hoboken

Letter: Hoboken parking will only get worse

“Parking in Hoboken is nearly an oxymoron. And it’s about to get worse.

Most towns have meters in their shopping districts. Hoboken will be the first city to expand it all over town. Yes, those ugly, utilitarian pay and park machines will grace every block, even on (residential) Hudson Street. And visitors without permits will be required to shell out not the usual 25 cents but $1 per hour. So when family and friends come to visit, it will cost “mucho dinero.” For houses of worship, it means people have to pay if they drive to church and park on the street. The town will tax people for patronizing our schools’ events and fundraisers.

Hoboken is already not auto friendly with more cars than it can park on the streets because it keeps green-lighting tall buildings without requiring the tenants to park in their garages.

What’s next? Valet parking at the six entrances to the city? Or limiting cars in town only on certain hours?”

Reverend Alex Santora

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