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Customer Service Tips {For Millennials}

Back in the day – if you “progressed” through your adolescence with a smidgen of quality and even mediocre skills – you’d eventually land a “job” which would vault you into adulthood as a member of society who received compensation for your time (i.e., “work.”)

It was actually a “big deal” to have a “real” job. And by “real,” we mean at some kind of known establishment (a store, a “big company,” or what have you). This was a step up from “paper boy,” or other tasks like shoveling snow, mowing lawns, etc.

And when you got those “real” jobs, it was of the utmost importance to act, behave and truly BE a REAL adult member of society. That meant having pleasant demeanor, professional ethic, and enthusiasm for the paid work you were afforded. Remember, they picked YOU over probably countless others that “applied” for that same position – so proving your worth was paramount.

bad customer service is the norm in america now

WTF happened with our “youth?”

Almost overnight – I’ve noticed that the bottom of the barrel workforce has gotten markedly worse! And I can say it’s almost entirely the “Millennial” generation (but not 100%).

Next time you go to a supermarket, drug store, gas station – anywhere a “Millennial” might land a job. And check out how God-damn lazy, inept and lackadaisical these unappreciative “employees” have become!

It’s like we’ve introduced an entire generation of WHOLLY RETARDED yet fully “functional” people. And I’m not “insulting” this group by mentioning “retarded,” no. It’s the effective comparison between 22 year-olds TODAY versus say 50 years ago. Yes, comparatively, you can say the difference between them is LIKE a retarded person in the 50’s and the “regular” youth of the 50’s.

Some sound advice for the (working) Millennial generation

The reason this post was composed was specifically because of a “cashier” we saw very recently. She was one-tick above comatose. She was not “retarded” or disabled. Just socially inept. But she had perfect makeup and tight yoga pants – which is “A-OK!” But it reminded us of the countless similar situations we’ve endured over the past few months alone.

Okay – let’s highlight some very obvious problems we see frequently (almost daily) when it comes to the “new” workforce that is unfortunately entering the job market. Consider these “tips” things you should strive to improve:

  • ZERO EYE CONTACT. Today’s “Millennials” are so absorbed with digital communication that they are practically UNABLE to make eye contact with most humans (other than their so-called “close” friends or family). In a customer service industry, eye-contact is quite possibly THE most important thing you can do. “Cashiers” we encounter these days barely even say “hello” to you anymore, and certainly cannot tolerate looking at you or making eye-contact. It’s like a disease.
  • customer service coins on top of bills

  • COINS IN HAND FIRST! Literally 19 out of 20 “cashiers” we visit (whether gas station, supermarket, mall store) – put the COINS ON TOP OF THE BILLS when handing us our change for our purchase. How do you not get this? Are they not customers EVER? It’s quite possible that all they ever use is debit cards and “cash” is completely foreign to them. But putting the coins on the bills is THE most annoying thing ever – because it requires the customer to correct the situation EVERY time it happens. Remember: COINS in HAND first, then BILLS on FINGERTIPS next. Got it?
  • LEAVE THE PHONE OUT OF IT. Each “Millennial” cashier at the supermarket we’ve seen – has their smartphone (usually iPhone) no further than a foot away from them. During shopping lulls or even in-between customers, they HAVE to “refresh” the device to get the latest stupid “updates” from whatever phony friends they have. Their mind is ELSEWHERE at all times. Even when they’re not “checking” it, they’re thinking about it. Leave the damn phone in some locker in the employee break room. What is so freakin’ important?
  • STRIVE FOR PERFECTION. What has happened to “work pride?” Even in a menial job, you should try to BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE. Excel at everything. Why is this important? Because if you can separate yourself from the rest of the dregs in your company – you will have a very good chance of getting promoted. Quickly. And getting promoted not only looks good on your piece of shit resume, it often leads to NEW and unforeseen opportunity.
  • HARD WORK TODAY = REWARDS TOMORROW. Many of the “Millennials” these days feel like they are “OWED” something. Not sure why, but they do. But long forgotten is the mantra about “EARNING” a living. Earning something absolutely does NOT have INSTANT rewards (much the way people feel these days with “instant gratification.”)

Great inventors or businessmen of days past didn’t do things overnight. It required years or even decades of trial and error, failed endeavors and more – but most often included persistence, patience and intestinal fortitude to continue ahead. Today? Forget about it. The entire world thinks they’re worth their weight in gold because they know “how to Google” shit. C’mon already!

These points are not applicable to everyone, of course. Just the people we see and can vouch that they suck ass and are in need of a huge attitude adjustment. There are some (albeit very few) “Millennials” that “get it.” Many we know were raised the right way. With minimal TV and technology-based entertainment, as well as a good learning experience doing hard work (like farming, or caring for animals, etc.)

Why they don’t teach kids today the way they used to just sucks. More reason for “home schooling” or other alternative ways of gaining skills (like interning, etc.)

The bottom line is that – for whatever reason is to “blame,” – I’m quite concerned about the future of this country – when almost an entire workforce entering the “market” is next to useless when it comes to real-world functionality. Something needs to be done soon – and it always starts AT HOME. So many of you parents are equally to blame for raising such morons. And don’t forget – just because you can use a phone any chimpanzee could learn in a day – does NOT make you skilled.

Sadly – perhaps it’s all “relative?”

The “dumbing down” of society is a vicious (downward) cycle. I’m sure kids working at “convenience” stores like CVS back in the 70’s or 80’s were considered to be equally as “stupid and inept” as kids of the “2010’s” are today.

But maybe not…

While the kids of the 80’s could slash and slay the kids of the 2010’s when it came to “self-reliance,” how to use manual tools and general know-how, the kids of the 2010’s could absolutely DESTROY the kids of the 80’s when it comes to fake digital photography, most “likes” and power-rankings on Yelp. Maybe that alone would wake some people up when it boils down to how relative “usefulness” is in society.

Whereas the kids of the 80’s would survive quite fine without electricity – today, we have a nation of zombies when the power goes out.

Yes, relatively one generation usually feels the “newer” generation has a lot to learn – the tide has changed quite dramatically in 2015. And it’s a scary outlook for sure.

How many of you can even comprehend what we’re talking about? Do you see the writing on the wall?

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Well, one big difference between the experience of these millennials and the many generations before them is that their predecessors had far more access to and encouragement of teen employment, which helped instill work ethic, people skills, and an appreciation of the responsibilities of employment.

By the time I was 17 I had a few years of getting all the ineptitude and goofiness out of my system. The jobs we did – everything from cutting lawns, to delivering newspapers, washing dishes, etc are either gone or go almost exclusively to our new slave caste: illegal aliens. If that wasn’t enough, many parents today feel that their kids not having to work is a status marker. Never underestimate the importance of the status wars.

So of course they’re inept and seemingly clueless. Hopefully they’ll figure it out eventually. +


Equally to blame is low level management of those stores and the corporate offices. No one is paying attention to what is happening at a human level. They have training programs, scores and ways to train employees, but who is actually monitoring the real world results?


Great post! So depressing but true. Is there any turning back, now? Can future generations be saved from being dumber and dumber? Another thing I wonder is whether this is true of other places in the US, or are we “lucky” to have to deal with the wort Millenials because we are in such a huge metro area?


Mike Judge’s Idiocracy movie was not fictional.