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Hoboken resident a “winner” – Golden Nugget Online Casino

In a last ditch effort to “save” the casino industry in New Jersey, online gambling became legal in the state a little over a year ago.

We always thought “easy access” to high-stakes casino gambling was a very bad idea. Going to a casino used to require “effort” in driving, acquiring a hotel room, and actually finding the time to take a “day off” from whatever your routine is. But all those restrictions are gone when you’re able to gamble in your underwear with a bottle of whiskey at home. Which is why you should never do it.

And heck – if you’re really “Jonesing” for some casino games, there are tons of free ones online, and even the NJ casinos will let you play “for fun” at no charge.

One Hoboken411 reader noticed on the Golden Nugget casino website – that “William” from Hoboken was listed as a big “winner” playing the Monopoly slot game (a little over $5 grand). Of course, we don’t know how much “William” lost before he hit that moderate jackpot – or how far in debt he is. But at least he got his 15 minutes of fame. Haha!

William Hoboken NJ Golden Nugget Online Winner

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Thursday, February 12, 2015 10:38 pm

Humina humina that girl is a winner too.

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